Green Jade Shivling / Auspicious Shivling is Carved in 100 % Pure




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This is a very beautiful Shivling made of pure Green Jade sr.james. Shivling is supposed to be the abstract representation of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. These are hand crafted by craftsmen on original Natural gemstone.

Green jade Lingam is considered to be the best and most auspicious for your home and family. It creates positive environment and removes negative energy.

Benefits of Green jade Margaj Shivling:

Used for puja and meditation of Lord shiva.
It provides mental peace and balance in life.
Margaj Shivling provides financial stability and money benefits in the business.
Green Jade lingam is supposed to hep with high temper problem and bad luck.
It provides blessings and brings emotional stability.
It brings prosperity, growth and success in life.
It is dedicated to planet Mercury (Budha Griha)


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